ACT/SAT Exam - Fee Waiver Eligibility Requirements

    To be eligible for fee waivers you must be a current 11th or 12th grader and receiving services under the School Lunch program.

    Fee Waiver requests will be processed within 2-3 business days. Be mindful of registration deadlines when making your request and leave plenty of time for processing. When you waiver is approved you will receive email notification that it is ready for pick up.



    An SAT Fee Waiver lets you take

    • two free SAT exams (with or without essay),
    • six free SAT Subject Tests,
    • and receive two Question-an-Answer Service or Student Answer Service reports.

    Students who use an SAT fee waiver also get free unlimited score sends, waived application fees at select colleges, and unlimited CSS Profile application fee waivers to apply for financial aid.

    Waivers do NOT waive fees for other College Board programs, like Advanced Placement Exams.  Also, if you register for the SAT and then change your test date you will be charged a fee as the fee waiver does not covers these changes. Additionally, you will have to pay a fee for rushed scores or receiving scores over the phone.



    • Eligible students can receive a maximum of TWO separate ACT waivers, which covers the registration fee for either the ACT or ACT with Writing.
    • The waiver covers up to six college score reports (at the time of registration).
    • After registration, the student can request up to an additional 20 regular score reports for free.
    • Additional benefits include
      • access to Test Prep Tools and access to ACT Kaplan Online Prep Live.
      • Application fee Waiver
    • Waivers may not be used to pay for any additional fees, products, or services.


    SAT or ACT Fee Waiver Request Form 

  • College Application Fee Waiver Request

    Note: Not all colleges accept application fee waivers. Check with the college you are applying to to be sure.


    You must have taken the ACT with a fee waiver to qualify for an application fee waiver. These waivers must be requested using the link below. After your request is submitted, you will need to visit the CCR Center to pick up. Please give at least 3-4 working days for processing.

    You must submit your application to the college before submitting your Application Fee Waiver request to the college.

    ACT Request for Application Fee Waiver


    You must have taken the SAT with a fee waiver to qualify for an application fee waiver. The waiver request form will be delivered online to your College Board account. If you need help locating them in your College Board account, see your CCR Advisor.

    You must submit your application to the college before submitting your Application Fee Waiver request to the college.