No Name Calling Week at FCMS

  • Bobcats participate in No Name-Calling Week by participating in lessons during Bobcat Time. All students and staff dressed up for spirit days that were promoted by FCMS PAL students. 


    • Monday: Bobcats Blue-Out Against Name-Calling (wear blue)
    • Tuesday: Celebrate Your Freedom from Name-Calling (wear red, white and blue)
    • Wednesday: Team Up Against Name-Calling and Bullying (wear favorite team jersey or college shirt)
    • Thursday: Stay Bright-Name-Calling takes you to the Dark Side (wear neon and bright colors)
      • PALS handed out stickers and greeted everyone in the morning with a smile
    • Friday: Take a Vacation from Name-Calling (wear Hawaiian shirts or a favorite vacation shirt)
      • PALS make shaved lemonade ice drinks for our staff during lunch 
      • PALS greeted Bobcats with Hawaiian music and posters with a High-Five Friday welcome


    View this rap song skit about REVENGE created by our PAL students for the FCTV announcements. 


    Revenge Video produced by FCTV and PALS


    For No Name-Calling Week, during Bobcat Time, students participated in the Celebrate Kindness-Bullying and Cyber Bulling Awarenss lesson.

    Students viewed the Power Point and videos. Students learned about James Howe and the book The Misfits. Students discussed how No Name Calling Week began. Lessons included bullying and cyber bullying awareness topics. Students learned why and how people bully in person and on line. Students were given the opportunity to reflect on their own behavior towards others. Students also ewre given scenarios to discuss and think about how people felt as well as how the situation could have been handled differently.

    Students viewed a REVENGE video and learned about what it means to call others names. Students also viewed the "I Am" video about No Name Calling Week and then students were given "I AM" papers to write positive things about themselves and share about posts they would like to see about themselves on social media. Classes focused on the positive qualities that we have and things that we want others to know about ourselves.

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Celebrating I AM... Video