• Our Beliefs

    The Fort Bend Independent School District Department of Fine Arts instills a life-long appreciation for the fine arts, cultivates discipline, fosters enduring character traits and equips students with the 21st Century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.  The David Crockett Middle School Visual Arts program follows the same philosophy while incorporating the campus core beliefs of CARE, COMMITMENT AND TRUST.  
    Our mission is to develop the passion of young artists that demonstrate CARE about themselves, their work and others.  We encourage our students to build a strong work ethic and a COMMITMENT to their own ideas and exceptional work. We wish to establish an environment that engages students to persistence through challenging assignments.  We believe that our classrooms must have a sense of community and promote a climate of inclusiveness.  We TRUST that our students will be working to the best of their potential and will honor the relationships developed within our school community. 
    We honestly believe that our students will find their own paths and individual potential through our visual arts programs.  Our curriculum supports the development of the whole person and incorporates other subject matters into our lesson plans.  It is our opinion that the arts blended with other subjects create an overall well-rounded individual.



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