The 2023-2024 Level Change Window is open from August 31-October 27

    Each year, students have the opportunity to select the core content courses they wish to take for the school year. Sometimes, students may change their mind and want to take a higher level course (AAC) or take a less advanced course (on-level). Students wishing to do so may request a level change after the first 3 weeks of the school year. In order to request a level change, students must meet the following criteria.


    Going from an AAC course to an On-Level course

    Requests to level down will be considered after the first three (3) weeks of school and only if space is available in the new class. Prior to requesting a change in level, the student and parent must have met with the teacher and put in place a plan of success. If the teacher and student feel the plan has been followed, and the student has completed all assignments, a request for a conference to discuss removal may be made. 

    Success in an AAC course is defined as having a grade of 75 or above. Students may not request a level change with the intent of improving their GPA.

    Students who earn an F in an AAC course at the end of a grading period may be removed from the class unless otherwise recommended by the teacher and administrator. Students assigned to DAEP may lose their AAC class.

    Any student requesting to change a level in a course must  fill out a level-change form beginning on August 31. Forms can be found outside of the Student Center. All forms need to be filled out in their entirety, including required signatures. If a student or parent completes the teacher section, a new form will be issued.

    Once the form is filled out please return the physical form, not an electronic copy, to the Student Center, in the approrpiate grade level tray. Once received, the grade level counselor will make a decision based on the form and make any necessary changes to the students' schedule within 48 hours of receiving the form. 

    Please note, not all requests for a level change will be granted and requests are viewed on a case by case basis.