• Beginning Orchestra Supply List


    Renting vs. Purchasing an Orchestra Instrument

    We have two local stores (Lisle Violin Shop and Katy Violin Shop) that provide high quality rentals and weekly service to our school for repairs.


    Insurance. Repairs are included in the rental fee. Accidents happen.
    Sizes. If your child needs a larger sized instrument after only a few short months, the shop will upsize to the next size at no additional cost.
    Supplies. Lisle and KVS carry our required supplies and will deliver them to SMS for you. 
    Convenience. A store employee travels to SMS once a week to pick up repairs, trade-ins, and supplies. You never need to travel to the store personally.
    Quality. The quality of Lisle and Fishburn instruments is unmatched. Low quality instruments may have an appealing price, but they are impossible to keep in tune and do not sound good, even if played by a professional.


    One time purchase. You purchase the instrument and you’re done. Keep in mind that all repairs will need to be done separately and you will have to travel to a store to get it completed. Sizing up to another size will result in purchasing another instrument entirely.

    Purchasing is suggested once a student gets to the maximum size (4/4 full size for violin and cello, up to 15-16 inch for viola) and has continued in orchestra for at least a year.

    If you still plan to purchase, please purchase from www.sharmusic.com or another teacher
    approved website. Amazon is usually not a good source and Cecilio is not a good brand of stringed instrument.

    We recommend that our students rent or purchase (if full size) from a reputable violin shop in the area.
    Visit the Lisle Violin Shop website here.
    Visit the Katy Violin Shop website here.