• Basketball

Coaches Directory - Boys

Sport Head Coach Email
Basketball 7A Nicholas McClure Nicholas.McClure@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 7B Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 8A
Football-Head Coach Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Football 8 Nicholas McClure Nicholas.McClure@fortbendisd.com
Track and Field 7th/8th Nicholas McClure Nicholas.McClure@fortbendisd.com
Track and Field 7th/8th Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Athletic Coordinator Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Football 7 Timothy Lewis Timothy.Lewis@fortbendisd.com
Football 8
Track and Field 7th/8th Dennis Oliver Dennis.Oliver@fortbendisd.com
Football 7 Dennis Oliver Dennis.Oliver@fortbendisd.com
Track and Field 7th/8th
Soccer 7/8 Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Soccer7/8 Nicholas McClure Nicholas.Mcclure@fortbendisd.com
Tennis Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Tennis Nicholas McClure Nicholas.McClure@fortbendisd.com
Football 7 Clifford Thomas Clifford.Thomas@fortbendisd.com
Football 7 Sean Wilburn Sean.Wilburn@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 8B Clifford Thomas Clifford.thomas@fortbendisd.com

Coaches Directory - Girls

Sport Head Coach Email
Basketball 7B TBA Stephanie.Carter@fortbendisd.com
Volleyball 7th Grade A Karisha Allison Karisha.Allison@fortbendisd.com
Volleyball 8th Grade B Nana Baffour Nana.Baffour@fortbendisd.com
Volleyball 8th Grade A Stephnie Carter Stephanie.Carter@fortbendisd.com
Track and Field 7th/8th Grade Nana Baffour Nana.Baffour@fortbendisd.com
Track and Field 7th/8th Grade Vanessa Guffin Vanessa.Guffin@fortbendisd.com
Tennis 7th/8th Grade Brian Wilcox Brian.Wilcox@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 8B Stephanie Carter Stephanie.Carter@fortbendisd.com
Soccer 7/8 Stephanie Carter Stephanie.Carter@fortbendisd.com
Girls Athletic Coordinator Stephanie Carter Stephanie.Carter@fortbendisd.com
Volleyball 7th Grade B Vanessa Guffin vanessa.guffin@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 8A Timothy Lewis Timothy.Lewis@fortbendisd.com
Basketball 7A Robert Hartman Robert.Hartman@fortbendisd.com
Soccer 7/8 Tim Lewis Timothy.Lewis@fortbendisd.com
  • Lady Mavericks

    2022 Volleyball Tryouts 

    August 15th, 16th, 17th 

    • After school 4:30-5:45
    • Player selections will be made on the 17th between 5:45-6:00
    • Parents Meeting: August 18th, 2022

      For parents of athletes that make the team. After School 5:45-6:30

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