The James Bowie Middle School Orchestra is in its 6th year of performances and in 2015, the JBMS Symphony Orchestra was the first performing group for orchestra to receive a Sweepstakes Rating at UIL, which is the highest rating an orchestra can achieve. 
    Here at JBMS we have three orchestras:
    The Beginning Orchestra is made up of the separate beginning instrument classes: violin, viola, cello and bass. These students come together to make up one orchestra that performs at all concerts including the FBISD String Fling involving over 800 beginners from around the entire district.
    The Philharmonic Orchestra is the second orchestra which is made up of mostly seventh and eighth graders. Most students in this orchestra have only one year of experience and learn a lot about more advanced techniques, tips, and tricks as well as playing really fun music and playing in all concerts. The Philharmonic Orchestra will compete in the 2016 UIL String Orchestra Competition for the first year.
    Honor Orchestra is the top orchestra and is made up of mostly eighth graders. Several seventh graders that go above and beyond are also in this group. Members of Honor Orchestra are the most advanced and are challenged on a daily basis. These students compete for positions in the Region Orchestra, win medals at Solo and Ensemble competition, and bring home trophies from UIL as well as performing for the fifth graders and playing higher level and fun music. 
  • Theo Talley