The National Junior Honor Society is a student organization that creates enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulates a desire to render service, promotes leadership, develops character, and encourages good citizenship in the students of secondary schools.  Brian Shillingburg, Principal, oversees the organization. 

    NJHS applications are open to 7th grade students for their 8th grade year. To qualify for an invitation to become a member of NJHS:

    • Must maintain a cumulative, overall middle school average of 85.0% in ALL courses with numerical grades and have no failing final grades in any courses. 
    • Must have been enrolled at the school for at least one full semester.
    • Must abide by the Bowie Middle School NJHS Chapter By-Laws.
    • Must demonstrate sound and effective leadership, admirable citizenship, and trustworthy character at Bowie Middle School and in the community. 
    • Must participate in and have transportation to any NJHS Chapter community service projects.
    • Students will be invited to apply to NJHS during the months of March or April if they meet the qualifications.
    Students stay in good standing for membership by maintaining an 85 average in all subjects and no discipline referrals at the end of each nine weeks. Those who do not stay in good standing will receive probation for one nine weeks to improve. During probation, members may not participate in NJHS group activities or hold official positions.

    For more information, email Susan Kocher at susan.kocher@fortbendisd.com or Daniel Doremus at daniel.doremus@fortbendisd.com. 


    JBMS NJHS By-Laws

    Attached are the JBMS NJHS By-Laws for our chapter.

    By-Laws for JBMS NJHS


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  • Students Awarded $500 National Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in NJHS

    Congratulations to the following students who received the NJHS Outstanding Achievement Award and scholarship of $500. They are:

    Samantha McCoy, Danielle Etugbo, Tolu Allen-Taylor, Aadil Rizvi, Savannah Hennequin, Madelyn Mitchell, Morgan Stansberry, Bailey Grier, Elisabeth Jonson

    njhs scholarship


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  • NJHS Advisers

    Susan Kocher 


    Daniel Doremus