• ART I 

     In Art 1, Students learn the Basic Foundations of Art.

    • Artists begin with the Elements & Principles of Design in many fun and exciting projects.

    • Artists build their art vocabulary to communicate about their work and the artwork of others.

    • Artists learn art techniques in a wide variety of materials to prepare them for Art II.

    ART II

    In Art II, Students better their craft and gain confidence to explore projects as ARTISTS.

    • Artists improve technical skills and observational drawing by practicing in sketchbooks on each project.

    • Artists work in both abstract & realistic subject matter, sometimes choosing which they prefer.

    • Artists gain knowledge in art history and art awareness that better enables them to be equipped for Art III.


    In Art III, Artists develop their own style while fine tuning technical skills in a wide variety of mediums.

    • Artists learn to critique their own art as well as artwork from their peers.

    • Artists pursue and originate their own style of working while still creating class projects.   

    • Artists enjoy lasting friendships and gain self-confidence in a creative and competitive environment.


  • Andrea Ramsey

    Art I, Art II, and Art III

    (281) 327-8574


    Room 221


    Wesley Thomason

    Art I and Art II


    Room 219