• Dulles Elementary School-Home of the Little Vikings!


    Dulles Elementary School is located on Dulles Avenue, at the rear of Dulles High School, and surrounded by the Sugar Creek neighborhood.  Dulles Elementary opened in the fall of 1976 with a student population of 354.  Mrs. Jane Perrin was named principal when the doors opened.  Mrs. Perrin was the principal at Lakeview Elementary prior to opening Dulles Elementary.  In 1976, Dulles Elementary was originally built with an open design to create a very structured environment to teaching skills and concepts.  It was realized with growth over the years, the noise and movement, that it would benefit the campus greatly to have doors and walls. Dulles Elementary received walls and doors in the summer of 2016, which was very exciting! Mrs. Kyella Griffin is our current principal, beginning in the 2015 school year. 

    Instructionally, our campus is becoming a blooming ground for technology. We currently have wi-fi integrated throughout the building, 2 iPad carts, a computer lab, Smart Boards in almost every classroom, which gives our students a glimpse into the 21st century of technology. 



    Students:  8:10am – 3:25pm

    Front Office:  7:30am – 4:00pm



    Red, Navy & White



    Little Viking