Teacher Information

Phone: 281-634-8977


Degrees and Certifications:

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Certificates: EC-6 Generalist G/T Certification English as a Second Language Certified EC-12 Special Education Certified

Mrs. Starrett

I am entering my 13th year of teaching here at Dulles Elementary. I have had the honor of teaching fourth grade for nine years, special education for one year, and this will be my third year teaching fifth grade. This year  I will be teaching all content areas in a self-contained classroom. Therefore, I will be your point of contact for all subject areas your child learns this year.

I strive to create an inviting environment in which students are able to reach their academic goals. This includes and is not limited to: student ownership, collaboration within partnerships and small groups, small group instruction, and various learning strategies or concepts throughout the year. Most of all I love teaching and I look forward to an awesome year exploring the many concepts within fifth grade!





Teacher Schedule

  • 5th Grade Self-Contained

    8:10-8:15            Morning Business/Morning Chat Talks


    8:15-9:00            LAMP


    9:00-9:45            Intervention


    9:45-11:40          RLA (115)

    9:45-10:00   Phonics Lesson/Word Study

                                               10:00-10:15 Interactive Read Aloud 

                                               10:15-10:25 Reading Mini Lesson

    10:25-10:55 Guided Reading/Independent Practice/Group Share (Should be no longer than 5 minutes)

                                               10:55-11:05 Writing Mini Lesson

                                               11:05-11:35 Guided Writing/Independent Practice

                                               11:35-11:40 Group Share (RLA)


    11:40-12:05        Social Studies (25 min)


    12:05-12:30        Math (95 min)

    12:05-12:15 Number Sense Routine/Math Warm Up (10 min)

    12:15-12:30 Mini Lesson–Whole Group Lesson/Focus on Learning Intention (20 min)

    12:30-1:00          Recess


    1:00-1:30            Lunch


    1:30-2:40            Math Continued

    1:30-1:35 Finish Mini Lesson–Whole Group Lesson/Focus on Learning Intention

    1:35-2:35 Guided Math/Learning Workstations/Guided Practice – Small Group/Student Support/Independent Practice (60 min)

    2:35-2:40 Student Reflective Closure


    2:40-3:25            Science Instruction (45 min)

                                               Engage - Mini Lesson/Introduction/POD/QOD (15 min)

    Explore -Virtual Lab Activity

    Explain – Discuss and Discover/CER

    Elaborate – Apply Learning

    Evaluate- Formative Assessment

Teacher Tutorial Schedule

  • Tutorials will be scheduled as needed.