• The Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts exists to inspire artistry and equip students to reach their full potential, thus creating opportunities without boundaries.


    Fort Bend ISD seeks to provide for all students a high quality fine arts education that supports their academic, social, emotional and creative development.  This goal is achieved through a comprehensive performing and visual arts curriculum that provides a wide-range of learning experiences and performance opportunities. 


    In Music, at HE, the students sing songs, play instruments, play music games, learn folk dances, study various composers, musical eras, and musicians, and learn and apply music terms.  In fourth and fifth grade, students have the opportunity to join Choir.  Fourth and fifth graders will begin learning to play the recorder, a small woodwind instrument.  All grade levels will perform in a grade-level program.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Linder.

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