• Missed School? What to do when your student is absent with email and hand holding pen icon

Missed School?

  • Within 5 school days after the absence:

    • Email an absence note to the school's attendance clerk
    • Turn in the absence note once the student returns to school

    Absence notes must be received by the Attendance Office within 5 days of returning to school, or it will result in an unexcused absence. Parents can attach supporting documents, such as doctor's notes, to absence note emails.

  • All About Excused Absences

    All Day Absences

    When a student misses one or more days of school due to illness or personal reasons he/she will bring an excuse note to the Attendance Office upon their return to school. Please provide a specific reason for absences.  Personal or family emergency is not an excused absence and will be marked unexcused.


    1. The absence is excused only if a note is received by the Attendance Office within five (5) days of the student’s return to school.
    2. If a note is not received within five (5) days the absence will be coded "Unexcused" and a discipline consequence, which can include truancy complaints, can be assessed.
    3. If a student misses half of a class, they are considered absent for that class.
    4. A student who has had surgery or been hospitalized should provide a physician signed release to return to school.  The form should contain any restrictions or limitations regarding the student’s physical functioning capacity while in attendance at school.


    Arriving Late to School

    Students will not be allowed to repeatedly interrupt 1st period class due to their late arrival to school.  A student who is repeatedly tardy to period 1 may be subject to truancy consequences. The student will need to sign in at the Attendance Office prior to going to class.


    Leaving School Early

    Any student leaving school for any reason must check out at the attendance office with a parent or guardian.


    Scan to submit a Student Absence Note
    Absence Note

Middle School Attendance Counts!

  • Daily attendance in school is a strong indicator of future success.

    Per the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook provided by Texas Education Agency, a student is considered either present or absent at the official attendance-taking time, known as snapshot.

    Each campus attendance is determined by the number of students present at this important designated snapshot time. The middle school snapshot time is 10:15 a.m.

    To ensure academic engagement and successful learning, all students should be present daily by snapshot and remain academically engaged all day.