Counseling Announcements

  • Counselors can be reacher during the COVID-19 Schooling at Home day by attending a Schoology Conference at the following:


    6th grade:

    Office Hours for P. Juniel  
    Schoology GROUP Code -RDKD-HDPK-B2RC 
    Conference Hours:  10-11 a.m. & 3-4 p.m.
    7th grade: 
    Office Hours for M. Brockie
    Schoology GROUP Code: 89RV-HNC6-SKF69
    Conference Hours:  1:00 - 2:00 
    We are also availble through email. 
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About Counseling

  • Professional School Counselors are available at Baines Middle School to provide a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program and services for all students in the areas of:

    • Guidance Curriculum - In an effort to help students develop competence in essential life skills
    • Responsive Services - Provide intervention for immediate personal/social/emotional concerns
    • Individual Planning - Provide guidance to help students plan, monitor, and manage their personal, educational and career goals, and facilitate transition activities for post-secondary education and/or training
    • System Support - Support campus staff, parents, and community to promote the educational, career, personal, and social development of students, as well as the Developmental Guidance Program

    Our Mission: To provide academic, social, and emotional support to members of the Baines Community

    Our Vision: We aspire to equip members of the Baines community with skills for life. 


  • Ms. Brockie's picture
    Maria Brockie, Lead Counselor
    Seventh Grade
    (281) 634-6887
    Ms. Juniel's picture
    Pamela Juniel
    Sixth Grade 
    (281) 634-6886 
    Ericka Burr
     Ericka Burr 
    Eighth Grade