• Baines is proud to be an Anti-Defamation League "No Place for Hate" school and has been since 2008.

    We are committed to making our campus a safe school with a culture that values all students and staff. Our goal is to:

    • Build an inclusive and safe community in which respect is the goal, and all students can thrive.
    • Empower students, faculty, administration and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one powerful message.
    • Engage our school and community through the implementation of at least three campus-wide, anti-bias activities per year, which ADL helps to develop.
    • Send a clear, unified message that all students have a place to belong.

    In September, our campus created our "No Place for Hate" coalition team which is made up of students and staff members.  Together we will help to facilitate campus-wide anti-bias and diversity related activities throughout this school year. 

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  • Resolution of Respect

    On Tuesday, October 3, 2017,  the students participated in the ADL Resolution of Respect activity.  The students signed strips of paper with the resolution on them in support.  These strips are made into a chain with the resolution facing out and visible and will be hung up in the building.  They will be displayed throughout the year.

    Resolution of Respect


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  • How Natural Disasters Discriminate

    On Wednesday, October 12, 2017, the students defined natural disaster and learned about several types of natural disasters.  Students reflect on their own opinions about their experiences of natural disasters and how they might impact people differently.  The students considered the ways that natural disasters impact identity groups in different ways.

    See attached for more information.

    How Natural Disasters Discriminate


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  • Mix it Up!

    Students will be assigned a different seating area during lunch.  The different arrangements are done by surveys students took during Longhorn Time based on favorite pop musicians.  Once seated, the students are to complete a form by having someone they do not answer the questions about that other person.  Once completed, the students then submit the forms to the coalition students and receive a raffle ticket to be used in a drawing for gift cards.  Music will be playing and students will be "mixing it up" with other students.  

    Discussion about the activity will be done during a following Longhorn Time.

    Pyramid of Hate: Inclusion of others, overcoming bias.  

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  • "No Drama" Skit

    Students will gain real life advice from their peers regarding actos of Bias, Prejudice and Discrimination especially based on race, educaiton, gender, and income.  The skit will emphasize the value and skill building of social awareness (respect for others), self-control and responsible decision making.  The students will create and role play their own scenarieos of "what to do" and what not to do in social setting swhere there ore others who "aren't like them."

    Pyramid of Hate being addressed: stereotyping, insensitive remarks, non-inlcusive laguage, belittling jokes, bullying name calling, slurs/epithets, ridicule, social avoidance, de-humanization.  The entire student body wil participate by creating and acting out their own vignettes.  Success will be gauged by exit tickets and documented with photos and videos.  


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  • National Bullying Prevention Month

    The month of October provides an opportunity to reflect on the classroom and school culture and ensure that we are engaging in best practices when it comes to creating respectful school environments that foster inclusion and address the intersection of bullying and bias. Check out our collection of over 30 resources, including a new online free course called “Building Ally Behaviors.”

     Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Resources