• Here are a few examples of our Elementary Grants In Action!


    Colony Meadows Elementary

    Generating Geniuses

    During “Genius Hour,” students take part in hands-on, open-ended activities to discover their passions. They use various tools – including Snap-Bots, Log Builders and Playstix – to explore, build, discover, and create masterpieces to enhance their learning. Students construct bridges, build vehicles, design robots and other creative projects.

    CME 1   CME 2   CME 3


    Cornerstone Elementary

    Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity - Root Robots in the Classroom

    Robots serve as the perfect platform to help students develop computational thinking skills and the mindsets that are necessary to compete in a global, technology-rich economy. Students are learning that they don’t necessarily need a background in computer science to grasp a full understanding of coding and the robotics system.

    CRE 1   CRE 2   CRE 3


    Leonetti Elementary

    Let's All Play the Drums: How Drumming Can Improve School Culture and Educational Outcomes

    Teachers are improving school culture and educational outcomes for students through World Music Drumming. Teachers use drum circles during music and general education classes to help improve students’ academic performance, confidence and motor skills, while allowing them to utilize their self-expression and experience different world cultures through drumming.

    DLE 1   DLE 2   DLE 3


    Palmer Elementary

    Legos for Makerspace and Club

    Combining learning and fun! Students use Legos and Duplo blocks for creative problem-solving and to promote their engineering skills. They can work individually or collaboratively with classmates to build fun structures in their school library’s Makerspace lab. The school has also formed a Legos Club for students to join.

    Palmer 1   Palmer 2   Palmer 3


    Ridgemont Elementary

    Raising the "Bar" - One Xylophone at a Time!

    The school is promoting effective communication, collaborative team work and life-long learning among students in the form of music. With the use of various xylophones – from Alto Glockenspiels and Soprano Metallophones – the music teacher is helping students develop a love of music and confidence in performing.

    RME 1   RME 2   RME 3