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    Fort Settlement Middle School

    Abstinence Empowers Your Future: Simulating the Roles and Responsibilities of a Teen Parent

    When teaching the Growth and Development unit in 7th grade Health classes, teachers use the Realityworks infant dolls to teach students about reproduction and the benefits of abstinence. The infant simulation has a lasting impact on students as they receive first-hand experiences with infant care, while learning that their choices have a direct impact on their lives.

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    Sartartia Middle School

    Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Library

    Students use their critical thinking and imagination skills to solve problems, while creating cardboard projects using Makedo reusable plastic tools. They work independently or in small groups to construct and complete challenges in competition with CTE students or formulate their own unique designs.

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    Sugar Land Middle School

    Engaging Scholars with Labs and Demos

    Students are able to think like scientists as they take part in various hands-on learning experiences. During science class, students utilize lab-aid kits to interpret topographic maps and study transformation of energy, chemical reactions, force and motion, and more! Students practice safety first by wearing goggles and gloves when conducting experiments.

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