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Helpful Forms

  • Meal Account Collections Transfer Form


    For parents or guardians who need to transfer funds from this school years meal account to previous years collection balance.

    MEAL ACCOUNT COLLECTIONS TRANSFER FORM.pdf 69.39 KB (Last Modified on August 18, 2016)
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  • Account Reimbursement Transfer Form

    This form is used when a student is leaving the school district and needs a refund on their meal account balance. Students that transfer schools within FBISD do not need to use this form. Your account balance will automatically transfer to the new school.
    This form is also used to transfer funds between meal accounts.
    ACCOUNT REIMBURSEMENT TRANSFER FORM.pdf 72.03 KB (Last Modified on October 14, 2014)
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  • Request for Food Sales or Service - GE-E-4

    Anytime food is served or sold to the public on a District campus or in a District facility the GE-E-4 form shall
    be completed and submitted to the Child Nutrition Department (CND). This forms needs to be submitted thirty
    (30) days prior to the event date. Please be advised the food sales and service are using the CND health permit
    for operation.
    GE-E-4 FORM.pdf 28.81 KB (Last Modified on October 14, 2014)
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  • Student Account Restrictions

    This form is used when a parent/guardian wants to place a restriction on a students meal account. Example: Parent wants to set a daily spending limit of $4.00 or restrict the account to breakfast and lunch only (no snacks allowed).
    STUDENT ACCOUNT RESTRICTIONS FORM.pdf 131.49 KB (Last Modified on October 14, 2014)
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