Student Council

  • What is Student Council?

    The Hodges Bend Middle School StuCo develops leadership qualities among HBMS students by providing services to the school and community.  StuCo allows students to have a voice in their school by addressing issues that are of concern to students.  Members plan and organize activities and projects which educate, inform, and serve HBMS students, faculty, and staff.   StuCo also promotes school spirit and an attitude of cooperation between the faculty, administration and the student body.  In addition, StuCo promotes community involvement through service projects that serve the Hodges Bend Middle School family and the surrounding community.  

    Who can be in Student Council?

    Student Council is open to all students at HBMS.  To represent your grade-level as a Student Council Representative, you must meet the following qualifications:

    •  Students must have had at least a C average in all subjects with no D’s or F’s during the previous school year, and maintain the same standard each grading period during the school year.
    • Students must maintain a good standard of citizenship (No U’s or N’s) each grading period.
    • Students must serve as role models to other students by maintaining a positive attitude and following all school rules at all times. Students who receive out-of-school suspension or DAEP will be removed from StuCo.
    • Students must submit an application, complete a petition, and pay dues of $30
    • Students must be willing to participate in StuCo and committee activities and fundraisers, attend general and committee meetings, follow instructions, and work as part of a team.


    What types of projects does Student Council do?

    The HBMS Student Council has eight committees: Spirit Committee; Drug, Alcohol, Safety, and Health (D.A.S.H) Committee; Pride and Patriotism Committee; Energy and Environment Committee; Public Relations Committee; Scrapbook Committee; Teacher Appreciation Committee and Community Service Committee.  Each Committee conducts several projects each semester.  These projects are proposed, planned, and carried out by committee members after being approved by sponsors and school administration. 

    The Student Council plans and carries out projects that meet students’ needs and interests.  We also work with students, faculty, and the community to address issues of importance to our students, school, and the larger community.  We are the primary organization for promoting school unity, spirit, and pride, and also work to create a positive relationship between students, administrators and teachers. 

    HBMS has also established a proud tradition of service to our surrounding community and we will continue that tradition throughout the upcoming school year.  All HBMS Student Council projects are funded by monies collected through various fundraisers and member dues.