Gifted and Talented at Dulles Middle School

  • Identified students in grades 6-12 are provided service through open enrollment Pre-AP and AP classes with GT-trained teachers in the core subject areas of English language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics.

    In order to promote critical thinking skills and encourage students to determine valuable resources, our GT students are required to research on a subject of their choosing. Check out some of the Texas Performance Standards Projects that were shared for the 2021-2022 school year. 

    6th Grade - Ally Ku

    6th Grade - Ian Reyes

    7th Grade - Lana Attar

    7th Grade - Jacinda Rangel

    8th Grade - Allen Spencer


    Additional opportunities offered to secondary students include the Gifted and Talented Academy at Quail Valley Middle School (grades 6-8), and the Gifted and Talented Mentorship Program (grade 12).

    Please visit the District GT web page for information on evaluation for GT services.

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