• The Dulles Middle School Choirs have developed a reputation for mature performances of sophisticated choral literature.
    The success of the choir program centers on a commitment to consistently raising each individual member’s awareness level, dedication to a worthwhile task, and the willingness to work hard to achieve a common goal. We do not expect every student in the choir to become a virtuosic musician. We do expect every student to establish both short and long range goals for improvement of his/her vocal education, to exhibit mature, responsible behaviors at all times, and to be willing to contribute lots of hard work for the benefit of everyone.
    The choir program exists to provide an excellent music education for the students. This goal is achieved through individual study and varied performances in many venues, both competitions and concerts, supporting a curriculum which places an emphasis on comprehensive musicianship. Performance opportunities include large ensembles, chamber ensembles, and solos. The skills that choir students acquire in these activities are directly related to skills necessary for auditions, presentations, and interviews in other career fields.