David Squires

Mr. Squires comes to Dulles Middle School after several years as an Assistant Principal in a neighboring district high school. Originally from Michigan, Mr. Squires earned his two Bachelor's degrees from Central Michigan University - one in Secondary Education and the other in Social Science. He later went on to earn his Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Oakland University.

Before moving to the Houston area in 2012, Mr. Squires taught social studies and technology courses at the middle level. Once in Texas, he continued in education as an Instructional Technology Specialist, collaborating with teachers to enhance their instruction with the use of technology. Mr. Squires worked closely alongside science and CTE teachers during his time as an Assistant Principal, bringing unique and innovative programs to the campus. His passion in education centers around creating experiences in and out of the classroom that transform theory into practical application.

Outside of school, Mr. Squires enjoys traveling the country in his 5th wheel home together with his wife, Heather, and dogs Luna and Harper. His son is a student at the University of Houston. A self-described "nerd," Mr. Squires enjoys computer games and learning all kinds of hands-on skills.

David S. Squires, M. Ed. | Associate Principal
E: david.squires@fortbendisd.com | O: 281-634-5800 | Twitter: @VikingSquires
Keilean Flowers | Administrative Assistant
E: keilean.flowers@fortbendisd.com | O: 281-634-5801