• ARMS (Accepting Responsible Male Strengths) is an after school program geared for adolescent males ages 11 and above. ARMS was formed during the 1998-1999 school year as the male students on campus wanted to have a club similar to an existing girls club. We are entering year 19 of the program. ARMS has regular meetings once a month. The program/activities that these students will be participating in will focus on leadership and character and will reinforce the philosophy that we all have choices. Issues pertaining to drugs and alcohol use, academic and career choices, dating as well as other topics related to adolescent males are addressed.

    ARMS students will be exposed to various speakers, presentations and programs in which to get involved in. ARMS members are very involved in the community, as the group will complete at least one community service project during the school year. The purpose is to teach students at an early age to provide services to those in need.