Degrees and Certifications:

Brynne Henry

Hi there! I am Sugar Land Middle School's Art 1 teacher, and I am thrilled to share and obtain an extensive set of creativity-centered ideas and practices with this year's beginning art students. I graduated from The University of North Texas (GO MEAN GREEN!) with a B.F.A in Art Education and a double minor in Drawing & Painting and Art History. My most extensive mediums of practice include drawing, painting, printmaking, and fibers, and I have college-level experience with ceramics and sculpture that I am enthused to continue to practice professionally. I am also a children's book illustrator and a mom to a one year old cat named Melody. I am very enthusiastic about encouraging soft skills such as critical thinking, decision making, confidence, empathy, visualization, and attention to detail in students during their formative years through art exploration and discussion that also foster the acquisition of hard skills that stem from design and drawing. My most adamant philosophy I hope to send my students off with is the internilization that growth is very uncomfortable but they have the ability now, and through the rest of their lives to be things they've never been before and do things they've never done before! We are going to have a wonderful year together!

  • 1st Period: Conference

    2nd Period: Art 1 7-8

    3rd Period: Art 1 6

    4th Period: Art 1 6

    5th Period: Art 1 6

    6th Period: Art 1 7-8

    7th Period: Art 1 6