Fort Bend ISD’s mission is to inspire and equip students to pursue futures beyond what they can imagine. The Office of Student Leadership is at the core of serving this mission and fulfilling the vision of graduates who exhibit the attributes of the District's Profile of a Graduate.


    Through core campus-based leadership initiatives such as the National Elementary Honor Society, students see themselves as critical leaders in the culture and climate of their campuses and community, leading to graduates who are successful and productive citizens.


    • NEHS encourages student achievement
    • NEHS serves your community
    • NEHS brings a tradition of excellence to your school
    • NEHS supports your faculty and student members


    Eligibility to be considered for membership:

    • 4th Grade student enrolled at CME for at least one semester in February of that school year
    • Meets Scholarship Pillar: Cumulative Grade average of 85 from 3rd and 4th grades
    • Eligible applicants (candidates) submit application and then are assessed on the three remaining pillars of NEHS: character, service and leadership


    Students are qualified and inducted in the spring of 4th grade, so they can participate as members throughout their 5th grade year.


  • All NEHS candidates:

    • Must maintain a cumulative, overall average of 85.0% in ALL courses with numerical grades and have no failing final grades in any courses for the year
    • Must have been enrolled for at least a semester at the campus
    • Must abide by the Chapter's bylaws
    • Must demonstrate sound and effective leadership, admirable citizenship, and trustworthy character at Colony Meadows Elementary and in the community
    • Candidates must pay the chapter dues of $20 prior to their induction (after acceptance into NEHS)