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  • Mission Bend Elementary is No Place for Hate!

    MBE is proud to be an Anti-Defamation League No Place for Hate campus.  We have had the honor of that distinction since 2004.

    We are committed to making our campus a safe place with a culture that values all students and staff.  We encourage you to visit this page often to see to see the amazing things that we are doing here at MBE to:

    • Build an inclusive and safe community in which respect is the goal, and all students can thrive
    • Empower students, faculty, administration, and family members to take a stand against hate and bullying by incorporating new and existing programs under one powerful message.
    • Engage our school and community through the implementation of at least three campus-wide, anti-bias activities per year, which the Anti-Defamation League helps to develop
    • Send a clear, unified message that all students have a place to belong
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  • Bully Awareness Month October 2019

    Lessons were taught in the classrooms and on Fridays during outclass.  Annoucements about Bully Awareness and Prevention were made by our student coalition.  

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  • During the month of October, students had an opportunity to listen to lessons about bullying.  They learned how to identify bullying and what to do if they are being bullied or what to do if they witness someone else being bullied.  Students signed a "No Bullying" agreement. Annoucements about bully prevention were made by some of our 5th graders.  Students had a special guest one day in October: Stephanie Oguchi, former MBE student and author, presented a lesson from one of her books titled "The Colors of Me".  

    Bully Poster Display

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  • You Are Unique - January 2020


    Students watched a video about being unique.  Students had an opportunity to sit in circles and tell others what makes them unique.  Afterwards, students wrote on a notecards defining what makes them unique.  Students shared in large group. 

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  • No Name Calling and Caught You Being Kind - January 2020

    During the month of January, annoucements were made daily for one week about name calling and how it can negatively effect people.  Lessons during that month and in February focused on "being kind".  

    During the entire school year, students were recognized being kind to students as well as to staff members.  Students recieved a certificate that was placed on our Caught You Being Kind bulletin board.  They were also given a Chick-fil-A card as a reward for showing kindness.

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