Fourth Grade Team

  • Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    In Fourth Grade, we want to encourage students to become life-long learners and to become an active participant in their learning.  They should come prepared to school with their materials and have a positive attitude toward learning, even when the journey may become difficult. 

    All fourth graders will have an agenda and a binder to help students stay organized and take responsibility for their learning.  Students will use journals to document their learning, which will be valuable for them to use as a resource to review.  Journals may be take home whenever they are needed, but they must be returned to school every day. 

    Parental involvement is also important to helping your child achieve their best.  We believe that in a positive teacher, parent and student partnership, we can work together to make sure that your child is achieving their best.  We are so happy that your family will be a part of our amazing team and we are excited about this great year with all of us working together.  We can’t wait to see what accomplishments our Schiff Sharks are capable of achieving!