Second Grade Team

  • Second Grade Information

    Welcome to the Second Grade Team! We have an exciting and fun year planned for the students! Our goal is to lead our students to becoming independent leaders and learners and to inspire others along their journey.


    In Math, second grade students will be able to decompose numbers up to 1,200 in a variety of ways. Students will learn various strategies of how to add and subtract two and three-digit numbers with and without regrouping. The students will also learn about 2D and 3D shapes, measurement, and fractions. They will also be introduced to multiplication and division by understanding that equal groups are created in multiplication and separated in division. Problem solving is a focal point in second grade, as well as learning key math vocabulary terms.


    In Reading, second grade students will be focusing on reading with expression and fluency, making text connections, visualizing, making predictions and inferences, and determining the importance and understanding the purpose of stories. Students will learn to summarize stories from the beginning to the end, while including: important characters, vocabulary from the story, events, and details. The students will be exposed to a variety of literary texts and genres, including: drama, fairy tales, fables, informational texts and biographies. 


    In Writing, second grade students will dive into learning about the writing process. They will plan a first draft by generating and sequencing ideas. The students will learn to revise their drafts for word choice, voice, and sentence fluency. They will learn to edit by going back and correcting punctuation, capitalization, and looking for spelling errors. The students will then complete the writing process by publishing a final copy. Throughout the year the students will have the opportunity to write both narrative and expository pieces.


    In Social Studies, second grade students will learn about what it means to be a good citizen in the community. The students will also learn about government and community leaders and economics, including: wants and needs, goods and services, and natural resources. They will also learn about geography and be able to use and interpret maps and identify landforms. The students will learn about culture, important holidays around the world, and pivotal historical figures in world history.


    In Science, second grade students will learn about the scientific method. Our scientists will identify key vocabulary terms and are encouraged to use those terms during class labs and lessons. Students will learn about different types of energy, the states of matter, objects in the sky, and the water cycle. They will also learn about food chains and the basic needs of living things.