• The Honor Band is structured to cover ensemble concepts, facilitate more articulate technique, and teach fundamentals of each instrument and over all ensemble skills. Placement in Honor Band is open to any MCMS student who has completed one year of instrument study. Mr. Ross conducts the Honor Band with assistance from Mr. Jurek and Mr. Fairdosi.

    • Demonstrate mastery of 12 major scales & the full chromatic scale
      Students should perform at the Solo/Ensemble contest
    • Performance of concert music as assigned by the director
    • Attendance at section rehearsals and/or full band rehearsals/clinics before or after school
    • Students should study privately on his/her instrument
    • Demonstrate theory comprehension through Semester written exam
    • Expected to compete in the All-Region tryouts during the Fall Semester
    • Expected to perform at UIL Concert/Sight-reading Contest
    • Expected to perform at various ensemble competitions & festivals
    • Remain academically eligible in all classes
    • Should participate in Band Fundraisers

    Uniform for all members:
    Formal Uniform: Black tuxedo pants, socks, shoes, and white tuxedo shirt. Students are required to purchase all parts.
    Infomal Uniform: The MCMS Band t-shirt is $10 each.

    • Honor Band meets daily (1st Period)
    • Students must attend a 1 hour section each week.
  • Maurice Ross, conductor    Email