• During 6th grade students in band meet in homogeneous classes throughout the school day. Participation is open to any MCMS student, no prior experience is needed. Students are taught all the fundamentals of playing an instrument, including all of the basics of music reading and solid characteristic sound production on the instruments. The students perform a Winter Concert and Spring Concert.

    Mr. Ross teaches all woodwind.
    Mr. Jurek teaches all brass.
    Mr. Fairdosi teaches all percussion.


    • Demonstrate proficiency on 7 major scales & chromatic scale
    • Percussionist proficient at 26 snare rudiments & perform a percussion ensemble
    • Demonstrate theory comprehension through a semester written exam
    • Completion of Practice Records
    • Performance of an instrument specific solo
    • Performance of concert music as assigned by director
    • Attend all assigned section rehearsals and/or full band rehearsals before/after school
    • Performance at Winter Concert, Spring Concert
    • Private Instruction is highly encouraged and is a great supplement to band class.
    • Should participate in Band Fundraisers

    All 6th Grade Band members: Band t-shirt (purchase from band $10.00), blue jeans, and tennis shoes. Students are required to purchase all parts at the beginning of the school year. 


    Daily, at home, individual practice is expected to occur. To become proficient in a skill, it must be practiced.

  • Maurice Ross, Woodwinds - Email

    Mark Jurek, Brass - Email

    Scott Fairdosi, Percussion - Email