MISSOURI CITY MIDDLE SCHOOL L.A.D.I.E.S. (Leaders Accountable Determined Independent and Empowered by Sisterhood) 


    Purpose:   We encourage middle school girls to be the best version of themselves, by exposing them to character education, health and wellness training, and lifestyle planning.


    Vision:  Establish a network of young women who serve as role models for future generations of Missouri City Middle School's female students.  


    Mission:  For MCMS L.A.D.I.E.S. to become leaders that understand accountability, recognize determination while maintaining their independence and being empowered by sisterhood.


    Motto:   We are MCMS LADIES. I am a Leader, Accountable, Determined, Independent, and Empowered by Sisterhood.


    Colors:    Carolina blue, gold and fuchsia

    Mascot:   Butterfly


    MCMS L.A.D.I.E.S consist of:  

    Community service

    Conflict resolution skills 



    Personal Development


    Team Building