• MCMS Choir offers courses for all grades and skill levels.  We have a variety of performances, activities and trips throughout the year, including concerts at MCMS, going to the Texas Renaissance Festival, as well as other competitions and community events.  Students learn to read music and build their voices through proper vocal technique training.  
    We sing music from all different time periods and various parts of the world, in many different languages, occasionally with choreography.  Sometimes students play Family Feud or Trashketball to practice their music theory and sight singing, and at times we have karaoke to build confidence and solo skills.  
    The four choirs offered at MCMS include Beginning Choir, JV Treble, Boy's Choir, and Varsity Treble.
    Choir is a wonderful way for students to learn and grow while creating beautiful music and building amazing friendships.
    MCMS Cougar Choir - We laugh.  We learn.  We sing.  We are Family!