• Welcome to the Missouri City Middle School Orchestra!  We teach and play violin, viola, cello, and string bass.  The program has three class levels: Orchestra I, II, and III.  

    Orchestra I is for those who want to learn to play one of the four instruments.  You will be grouped together in either a violin and viola class or a cello and bass class.  In orchestra one you learn the basic of how to hold the instrument and bow, play music on the instrument, read music, count, play individually and as a group.  The first year students perform on at least two concerts during the year and have the opportunity to perform in the district String Fling Concert in February.

    Orchestra II is the continuation of Orchestra I.  The student is expected to continue learning music reading and performance techniques that allow them to perform more complex works of music.  Students are expected to learn and perform a solo for the UIL Solo and Ensemble contest in February.  Students will combine with Orchestra III students for at least two concerts a year and may be expected to form an orchestra that will participate in the UIL Concert and Sight Reading contest.  Students have the opportunity to prepare and audition for the Texas Music Educators Association All-Region orchestra.  The audition takes place in October and the clinic and concert is in November.

    Orchestra III students continue their improvement in orchestra techniques and perform higher level music.  The student is required to prepare the music for the TMEA All-Region orchestra auditions.  They prepare and perform solos and ensembles for the UIL Solo and Ensemble contests. They prepare and perform music for UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest.  The students have the opportunity to belong to the Chamber Ensemble.

    Students will also have the opportunity to play for elementary students as well as some community events throughout the year.