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Lunch Times

  • Kindergarten:        11:30-12:00pm


    First Grade:           10:30-11:00am


    Second Grade:      11:00-11:30am


    Third Grade:         12:00-12:30pm


    Fourth Grade:       12:30-1:00pm


    Fifth Grade:          1:00-1:30pm

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Conference/Outclass Times

  • Kindergarten:        2:30-3:15pm


    First Grade:           1:00-1:45pm


    Second Grade:       1:45-2:30pm


    Third Grade:          10:45-11:30am


    Fourth Grade:        10:00-10:45am


    Fifth Grade:           8:15-9:00am

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Attendance Information

  • Attendance Clerk: Dolores Ramirez

    Phone: 281-634-6404    Fax: 281-327-6404

    E-mail: attendancecse@fortbendisd.com

    • Documentation must be received within 5 days upon your child’s return to school
    • Clearly explain the nature of the absence
    • A doctor’s note is required if a student is absent 4 or more consecutive days
    • This absence form can be filled out in person, emailed, faxed, or brought in by a child or parent to their teacher




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Attendance Forms