• Purpose of Student Council:

    1. To develop leadership qualities among QVMS students by providing services to the school and community.
    2. To provide for an exchange of ideas among the student body and a way for each student to have a voice in Student Council decisions.
    3. To plan and organize activities and projects which advance the social and civic development of the student body.
    4. To promote community involvement through service projects.


    1. The Student Council is modeled after a representative democracy to ensure each student at QVMS has an elected member to represent their needs and interests.
    2. Student Council membership is by election through Social Studies classes only. Each class period of all grade levels will elect a representative to join Student Council. Social Studies teachers will coordinate and manage the classroom election process.
    3. Social Studies teachers will communicate elected representatives to sponsor and provide the representative with the information packet.


    1. Regular meetings will be held on the fourth Wednesday of every month before school.
    2. Special meetings will be called when necessary by the advisors.
    3. The majority vote rules in all voting that takes place in a meeting.


    Elected representatives should bring the completed application to the first meeting on September 28th in room 209 at 8:20am. 


  • This is the QVMS Student Council logo.