• Emerging Entrepreneurs provides a supportive community for small business owners or those interested in creating one. There will be short lectures on entrepreneurship, whether by the president or with guest speakers. This club will also help with fundraising in the QVMS community! For more information, feel free to view the interest meeting presentation attached, or email alicia.turner@fortbendisd.com or kathryn.c4@student.fortbendisd.com

    Why Emerging Entrepreneurs?

    While being a rookie club, Emerging Entrepreneurs has many beneficial impacts to the school and society through social and individual activities:

    Economic Development: Emerging Entrepreneurs encourages students to participate in entrepreneurial initiatives. Students may start their own ventures, contributing to job creation and economic growth.

    Community Service: This club undertakes many projects that benefit the local community, such as organizing fundraisers for local charities, or offering consulting services to underprivileged businesses or to youngsters around the community.

    Promoting Ethical Business Practices and Quail Valley: By teaching students and staff about logical ethics, this school helps foster a future generation of responsible and ethical business leaders, promoting QV in society.

    Emerging Entrepreneurs also fosters a whole new perspective of financial and entrepreneurial skills for the aspiring student through strategical methods and lessons:

    Practical Experience: Emerging Entrepreneurs provide students with hands-on experience in various aspects of business, complementing their academic learning.

    Skill Development: They help students develop a range of skills, such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills.

    Networking Opportunities: This club often invites industry professionals for talks or workshops, providing students with opportunities to network and learn from experienced individuals.

    Career Advancement: Participation in Emerging Entrepreneurs can enhance a student’s resume and increase their employability by demonstrating initiative, practical experience, and a range of soft skills.

    Link for Interest Meeting Presentation: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFuEbYD3v4/GoPq02YHVzebrCFpZhP2qw/view?utm_content=DAFuEbYD3v4&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=publishsharelink

  • Club Sponsor: Alicia Turner 
    Club Sponsor Email Address: alicia.turner@fortbendisd.com 
    First Interest Meeting: 9/11/2023 
    Planned Meeting Pattern:  Every Monday 
    Time of Meetings: In-Person after school 4:30 pm (students will meet on stage - sponsor will pick up after duty) 
    Room Number: 717 
    Who can join: All Raiders; 
    Tryout, Placement Test or Application? No