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          Monday Morning Message

          • April 6, 2020


            Greetings Palmer Parents,

            We hope that you had a good weekend. In this week's Monday Morning Message you will read about:


            • Online Learning Participation Required
            • Counselor's Corner
            • Palmer Den Course
            • Palmer Bear Virtual Spirit Week


            Scroll down until you reach, "The End". Remember at Palmer Elementary, Hustle and Heart, Set us Apart! Have a great week. Please follow us on twitter, Palmer Elementary@PE_Bears.


            Mrs. Clay, Principal and Mrs. Bailey, Assistant Principal

            (281) 634-4760



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          • March 17, 2020


            Dear Parents,

            I am writing to provide you with a few updates. As you may already know, the district will extend the suspension of normal operations through Friday, April 10. No decisions have been made about how we will make up the time lost or if there are plans to make up the time lost.  The district will keep you notified of all plans and decisions.  The district is drafting an online instructional plan for our students.  We will follow the district guidelines and procedures with this plan.  Please stay tuned for more information about it. 

            Even though there is uncertainty of many things currently, it is important to create structure for our Palmer Bears.  We want our Palmer Bears to easily transition back into school, so keeping them on the same routine you used when school was in session, of going to bed and waking up, will be important.  In addition, I encourage you to include time to exercise during their day, whether it be taking a walk in the neighborhood or running in place and completing jumping jacks in front of your home.  It's important that our bears remain active.  With the use of mobile devices and gaming, some of our bears may not want to play outdoors.  So please encourage them to engage in 30 minutes of exercise each day.     

            Our campus specialists and team leaders will be creating a grade level menu of exercises that will reinforce skills that have been previously taught in Reading, Writing, and Math.  I hope to share the  menus with you by the end of the week.  Please know that these menu exercises will be optional.  In the meantime, the best thing you can require your Palmer Bear to do daily is read for 20-30 minutes and write for 15 minutes.  Students can write about what they are reading, you can create a writing prompt, or they can choose what to write about.  If you're struggling with a writing prompt, reach out to your child's ELA teacher.  They will be glad to assist. 

            Please visit www.fortbendisd.com/covid19 for the most up-to-date information regarding the district closure and Fort Bend ISD's COVID-19 response.  If you have any questions that require immediate assistance, please call the Fort Bend ISD Information Hotline at 281-634-0043.  This call center is available to assist between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Thank you for your patience and understanding.  I will continue to keep you updated.  Please take care of you and our Palmer Bear(s).


            Mrs. Clay, Principal

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          2018 Bond @ PE

          • 2018 Bond  

            November 6, 2018

            2018 Bond Total: $992.6 million

            Total amount allocated for Palmer Elementary: $3,710,445*

            Palmer Bond Projects include: 

            Facility Equity & Access

            • Classroom Furniture
            • Drinking Fountains with Bottle Filler

            Building Systems / Life-Cycle

            • Roofing 
            • Exterior Cleaning and Repair
            • Exterior Waterproofing
            • Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment
            • Exhaust System Improvements
            • Electrical Upgrades and Surge Protection
            • Plumbing and Site Utility Improvements

            Life Safety & Security

            • Fire Alarm System
            • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System
            • Public Address System Upgrades

            Fine Arts

            • Stage Curtain

            *This amount includes costs associated with architectural, engineering, financing, and legal fees, and other pre- and post-construction expenses.


            For more information, visit www.fortbendisd.com/bond

            Printable PDF available on Bond webpage.

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            a rigorous academic foundation,
            strong character, and is...


                Equipped with Skills for Life      ...equipped with skills for life.


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                Effective Communicator      ...an effective communicator.


                 Critical Thinker        ...a critical thinker.


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