Degrees and Certifications:

Certification: LOTE Spanish EC-12 Degrees: B.Sc. Psychology UVHM Mexico 4 years of medicine studies UNAM Mexico Honorary Doctorate Degree granted by Mexican Institute for Excellency in Leadership

Mr. Ricardo Torres

I have two passions, the outdoors and education. Seeking the first one, I have traveled through more than 50 countries across the seven continents, including Antarctica, climbing mountains or extreme scuba diving. In that sense, I have climbed the highest peak on every continent, and I have scuba dived in the highest lagoon inside the crater of Licancabur volcano in Chile, at 19000 feet, setting a world record.

As an educator, my professional training as a psychologist has helped me understand better how students learn, and also to create an adequate classroom environment where kids can feel safe, happy and thrive. 

I love teaching Spanish, the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese, and mother tongue in 21 countries. It involves not only knowing words or phrases, but includes culture, civilization, history, art or science, that provides a better understanding of other people, and gives students a solid academic and social education, necessary for any future leader.

I no longer climb mountains, but I still enjoy nature riding motorcyles or walking my dogs.