Degrees and Certifications:

Patrick Monroe


Bachelors of Kinesiology and Master of Counseling

Certified in Social Studies and Special Education


My teaching philosophy is simple. Kids should have fun while learning. I have very high expectations for all students, and I believe firmly that every child can reach beyond their goals. In addition to learning about Texas History , my focus is to help broaden each student's general level of educational skills. This includes a deep understanding of research, writing, speaking, listening, and organization. In other words, the skills students will rely on for future success. I believe in a collaborative approach. Each student's needs are different and require special attention. Working closely with each student's family is a vital component to student success.  

  • 2023-2024 Schedule Texas History

    1st-GT Texas History

    2nd-Texas History

    3rd-Texas History

    4th-Texas History

    5th-Texas History


    7th-Texas History