What is an excused absence?

When is an absence excused?

  • FBISD extracurricular activities
  • Illness and medical appointments
  • Required court appearances
  • Religious holy days
  • Activities related to obtaining United States citizenship
  • College visits for high school junior and senior (up to two days)

Submitting an Excuse Note

  • Notes must be turned in no later than five days upon returning to school.
  • Notes should be given to the school’s Attendance Clerk. Email messages are acceptable.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence.
  • Contact the Attendance Clerk or Assistant Principal if you feel any of your child’s absences are incorrect.
  • A medical note can be scanned and emailed directly to the campus Attendance Clerk.

Sample Excuse Note

      Current Date  
      To Whom it May Concern,
      Please excuse (Student’s name and ID#) from school on (Date of
      Absence). Give detailed reason for absence.

      (Parent’s name)
      (Parent’s contact phone number) 

Excuse notes should always include:

  • Student’s full name
  • Student’s ID number 
  • Today’s date