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Exploring Health with Nurse Rivera

It is National Immunization Awareness Month! Let’s help our children’s immune system fight off germs by keeping them up to date with their vaccines! The CDC says, “Thanks to vaccines, there are 14 diseases you almost forgot about!”

It it difficult for you to keep track of your vaccine records? Sign up for ImmTrac2! ImmTrac2 is the Texas Immunization Registry. It is a no-cost service that helps consolidate and store vaccine records in Texas. If you get vaccines in Texas from places like your doctor’s office, a local pharmacy, a local health clinic – then, it’s all recorded in ImmTrac2.

All students will need an updated vaccine record on file at Settlers Way Elementary. Click here to see the minimum vaccine requirements to attend school in Texas.

Required criteria for a valid submission of vaccine records: (All information must be clearly displayed.)

1. Clinic’s/Doctor’s signature or stamp on the record

2. Must be in English. If needing record translated to English, please check with your child’s doctor to translate their record.

3. Student’s Name on the vaccine record matches the name used for school enrollment.

4. Student’s Date of Birth

5. Clinic’s info: clinic’s/doctor’s name, address, phone number

6. All the vaccine names with dates of administration clearly displayed.

Please send updated immunization records to your school nurse: jasmine.rivera@fortbendisd.com

You may also drop off your child’s immunization record at the front office.

Let me know if you have any questions.

-Nurse Rivera