School Health Services
    Fort Bend Independent School District adheres to state laws regarding the administration of medication. Medication must be provided by the parent or legal guardian of the student. FBISD will not provide medication for students. FBISD personnel will not administer any medication which cannot be identified or cannot be proven harmless to students (over the counter or prescription medications from other countries). Vitamins and homeopathic remedies (herbal preparations) will not be given.
    All medication must be kept in the clinic. Students may not carry any medication with them. (with the exception of inhalers and Epi-pens for which parents and physician must sign appropriate documents). Parents must deliver and pick up all medications to and from school. Medication not picked up by the last day of school will be destroyed.
    All students who take medication must comply with the following procedures:
    1) All medication requires a parent or legal guardian’s signature on appropriate form.
    2) All long term medication requests (longer than 15 school days) require a physician’s signature.
    3) All medication must be in the original container with appropriate labeling.
    4) All prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy container and labeled by a pharmacist licensed to practice in the U.S. and include:
    • student’s name
    • physician’s name
    • name of medication
    • dosage to be given
    • frequency of doses
    • date filled
    If a prescription medication needs to be taken both at home and school, ask the pharmacist to provide a second original container that can be left at school.
    Students who have written permission from parents and physician to carry inhalers must understand how to use the medication and should keep one inhaler in the clinic for possible emergency situations.
    Med Admin