Safety Patrol

  • Burton Elementary Safety Patrol Guidelines

    Safety Patrol:


    The goal of the Safety Patrol is to help make the school environment an organized and safe place for everyone and to help create and enhance leadership skills in our 5th grade students. 

    The students in Safety Patrol are responsible for:

    • Putting the flag up, taking it down, and folding it properly for storage.
    • Monitoring the hallways, ensuring, and assisting with the hallway expectations.
    • Assisting teachers during am and pm duty.
    • Only 5th grade students are invited to be in Safety Patrol.
    • Students must always display Burton Pride and Leadership, in the hallway and in all classes. 
    • Students can not have any grades lower than a 70 in any of their classes. 
    • Student can be removed from Safety Patrol if the expectations are not being followed. 


    Students not meeting the guidelines on their report card or progress report during the year will be placed on probation. If their grades improve, they will be put back on the schedule, per teacher recommendation. Any deficiency slips or behavior reports may jeopardize their job assignment.