• Walter Moses Burton Student Council

    Code of Conduct

    Below details the purpose of the Walter Burton Elementary Student Council and the expectations each member will be held to as a representative of the Student Council:


    • Provide the Burton Elementary community with opportunities to share their time, gifts, and talents in service to Burton Elementary; the community and surrounding area; and the global community;
    • Provide special events that promote school spirit;
    • Provide activities and support a school environment that promotes high academic standards;
    • Work together with fellow Student Council members; fellow students; faculty; staff and administration to make Burton Elementary the best that it can be.


    The Student Council shall consist of the elected officers, the Student Council Sponsors and two representative from each class in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade.


    The Officers of Burton Elementary Student Council shall be:  President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer, Historian.

    Student Council Standards: 

    All members of Burton Elementary Student Council shall: 

    • Meet and Maintain eligibility requirements during their term
    • Serve as model representatives of Burton Elementary community
    • Attend all Student Council meetings unless they interfere with academics (ie., tests, tutorial classes) in which case members must notify Sponsors prior to meeting
    • Maintain good citizenship grades (S in conduct, no office or repeated Level One referrals)
    • Maintain at least a B average in all subject areas
    • Maintain good attendance (few absences and tardies)

    Meeting Schedule:

    There will be one meeting of the Student Council Officers held the 1st week of each month. A second meeting will be held the 3rd week of each month with the entire Student Council.

    The Student Council shall not convene without the presence of the Sponsors or Principal.

    Failure to Maintain Standards:

    All members are to maintain the standards listed above. In the event that any member does not meet the standards, they will be placed on Probationary Status until the following Progress Report. Continued failure to meet standards may result in removal from Student Council.

    A committee will review removal from Student Council on a case-by-case basis.  

    Eligibility for Office:

    All candidates for office must:

    • Maintain passing grades in all classes
    • Be a model school citizen with no referrals (Level One or Office) for behavior over the course of the previous and school year; and
    • Represent Burton Elementary community’s commitment to high standards of citizenship; respect for ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity; and respect for authority at all times

    Removal from Office:

    A Student Council member may be removed from the organization for neglect of duties or failure to maintain Student Council Standards as defined above.

    Neglect of Duties.

    • In the event that an officer neglects their Student Council responsibilities; the Student Council Advisory Committee will initially address the matter with the member and document meeting in writing with a copy to parent
    • If problem persists a meeting will be held on the matter with the Advisory Committee
    • When above procedures have been followed and if the problem continues the member will be removed from the Student Council and informed in writing 

    Student Council Standards. 

    • If a student fails to maintain Student Council Standards he/she will be placed on Probationary Status and another member will assume their duties. If failure to maintain the standards continues, he/she will be removed from Student Council and a written letter will be forwarded to parents/guardians explaining removal from office.