• Welcome to Young Author's Club!  

    As a member of the Young Author's Club, students will learn to plan and produce a finished document of their choice (fiction or non-fiction).  The goals are focused on the writing process which include planning, drafting, revising, editing, and finally publishing a document.  Additionally, students will have many opportunities to share their writing ideas with others and practice simple and advanced writing techniques.  

    Students participate in one on one discussions and are encouraged to use their imagination when writing.  Remember! The idea is to catch the reader's attention.Young Author's Club is work, but it's also a fun way to encourage each other in the craft of writing.  Our students love to talk, so they are encouraged to take their verbal skills and transform them into written format.  There is joy in writing, so students learn that it is a great way to express joy, sadness, changes in life, etc. Lastly, writing is a lifelong skill, therefore the overall benefit is to develop a skill that can be a joyous experience and one that will be needed throughout one's life.  Young Authors club is open to students in grade 2-4. All students are expected to adhere to the General Code of Conduct.