Lakeview History

  • Black and white image of historical Lakeview Elementary

    With the arrival of several new families to Sugar Land in the early 1900's, it became apparent that the two-room school house needed expanding. Mr. M. Wood created a design for a semi-circular campus with cottage style grade level buildings in 1917. The pivotal point in this design was the auditorium, which has since been named a Texas historical site. It has recently received renovation to showcase its original classic style. It has served as a social center for the Sugar Land community as well as a meeting place for the school children. The Lakeview campus has served as a high school, junior high school, and an elementary. We treasure this historical legacy and strive to preserve it for future generations.


    Image of Sugar Land Historical Auditorium

    Historic Sugar Land Auditorium is the last remaining public building of the original company-owned town of Sugar Land and the only building left from the original Sugar Land Independent School District #17. Sugar Land Auditorium’s story is very much a part of the history of Imperial Sugar Company and the early settlement of Fort Bend County.