• Community Volunteers
  • Get involved! Make a difference!


    At Lakeview, we have amazing community partners. Our partners help enrich the lives of our students and our staff.  


    Our partnerships are valuable because they:

    • improve student motivation.
    • provide resources for curriculum development.
    • improve academic achievement in core subjects.
    • support the prevention of substance abuse.
    • reduce absenteeism/dropout rate.
    • provide funding/equipment to increase the use of technology in classrooms.
    • provide funding for equipment for extra-curricular activities, sponsorships, etc.
    • improve achievement in the arts and athletics, etc.
    • prepare our future workforce.

    Your partnership can help Lakeview:

    • assist with after-school programs.
    • participate in mentoring programs.
    • serve as reading and math tutors.
    • provide programs and/or learning materials that reflect real-world applications of classroom subjects.
    • serve on Campus Based Leadership Teams (CBLT).
    • serve as an event judge or guest speaker.
    • provide in-kind support for programs/events.
    • conduct campus beautification projects.
    • donate funds to purchase awards for student achievement.
    • underwrite or assist with funding for a variety of campus and/or district-wide activities, events or programs.

    Our business and community partners include the following organizations:

    • NALCO Champion, An Ecolab Company
    • Fairmount Santrol
    • Faith Lutheran Church
    • East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry

    We are so grateful for the support our partners provide us. They make Lakeview a better school. If you want to partner with us, please contact our principal, Alena McClanahan. We hope to hear from you soon.



    (281) 634-4200