We are pleased to help oversee any medication administration that must occur during school hours. However, we must comply with Texas State Law, and therefore the following restrictions apply to student medicine management while at school.

    • All medications must be brought in by a parent/guardian in the original container. This includes prescription and non-prescription drugs, including cough drops. The child should not be sent to school with medications to bring to the clinic. Students are not allowed to carry their own meds to and from school. Please do not send loose pills in a baggy in your child’s lunch kit or backpack. If your child must take prescription medications at school and at home, please ask your pharmacist to dispense them in two separate, properly labeled containers so that we may keep one at school.
    • All medications must be kept in the clinic office. For the protection of all students, medications may not be kept by students, including inhalers and cough drops, unless given written permission by their personal physician.
    • All medications must be submitted with written instructions from a parent. All prescription medications also need a signature of a physician. An appropriate medication administration form must be completed by the parent or guardian and should include the child’s full name and amount of medication to be taken, reason for taking the medication, and the time it is to be given. Over-the-counter medications (such as Advil or Tylenol) can only be given according to the label directions for your child’s age and weight unless accompanied by a note from a physician. Any medication needed for more than 15 school days requires a note on file from a physician. Medications needed three times a day should be given at home around school hours ~ check with your child’s physician.
    • School personnel will not give any medication unless provided by the parent. We do not house OTC meds that can be given randomly for fevers or pain.
    • Medications must be picked up at the end of the school year by an adult. They cannot be sent home with the students or housed over the summer. Any meds left in the clinic at the end of the year will be discarded per district policy.
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  • Link for Medication Administration Forms:


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