When a student feels ill or is injured, he/she will be sent to the clinic. In most cases of feeling ill, the student will be assessed, allowed to rest for awhile, and then will return to class. First aid will be administered to cuts, scratches, and minor accidents. If an illness/injury is assessed as significant, you will be contacted by the clinic staff. If a student must be transferred to an emergency facility due to a critical situation before you arrive, a school representative will remain with your child until you or your designated person arrives. It is required that any illness/injury occurring at home be taken care of at home and that students not come directly to the clinic upon arrival to school.

    To prevent exposing other students to unnecessarily illness, a student should not come to school if he / she have any of the following:

    • Vomiting and / or diarrhea after midnight.
    • A suspected contagious disease (example – pink eye).
    • An undetermined rash.
    • A temperature of 100.0 or above within the past 24 hours (A student must be fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducing medications before returning to school.)
    • Feels too ill to come to school or remain in school.A student will not be allowed to remain in school if he / she complain of any of the symptoms listed above. If a student must leave school due to illness or injury, you are responsible for arranging transportation. If you are not available, the person you designated on your student’s emergency information card will be notified to pick them up and that person will be asked to provide identification (driver’s license) to accept responsibility for your child. It is vital to keep your contact information updated in case you need to be reached. If you have changes to the contact information listed on your child’s Emergency Card after it is turned into the clinic, please contact us with updated information. Facilities for keeping your child in the clinic are limited; therefore, it is important that your child be picked up promptly.
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