• About Art:
    In art class we develop not only skills and techniques to create art, but embrace each students' individual creativity and imagination as well. In the art studio we use a variety of media and techniques including: colored pencil, crayon, oil and chalk pastels, paint, watercolor, resist techniques, collage, printmaking, clay, sculpture, and more! Students will develop art vocabulary and learn how they can apply art to future jobs. We create a safe and positive environment for the students to show their individuality.

    For any questions regarding art classes please contact Maya.Zamora@fortbendisd.com .  I’d be happy to talk with you!


    The Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts exists to inspire artistry and equip students to reach their full potential, thus creating opportunities without boundaries.
    The Fort Bend ISD Department of Fine Arts will provide equitable opportunities with a rigorous and aligned curriculum, increasing the quality and quantity of program participation, and promoting advocacy and community engagement throughout the District.
  • Maya Zamora